They were named “jeans” from Italian word, Genes the French word of Genoa. 

The term also refers to a particular style of parts, called “blue jeans” invented by Jacob W Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss and Co. in 1871.

Originally designed for cowboys and miners, jeans became popular in the 1950’s among teenagers.

Jeans continued to be popular in the 80’s and 70’s among youth subcultures of heavy metal and punkrock.

Historic brands include Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler.

In recent times they remain a popular fashion item and they come in various fits, Skinny, slim, straoght, tapered and boot cut among others and come in a variety of fun colours too.

Jeans do not look like they are going anywhere anytime soon.

Stand up comedy

Bronze statue of Britain’s Max Miller

​Max Miller is considered to be the quintessential music hall comedian of his age.Stand-up comedy began in 18th and 19th century in the music halls in the United Kingdom with personalities like Morecambe and wise, Arthur Askey and Ken Dodd.

By 1970s Music hall entertainment was virtually dead. Alternative circuts had evolved like working men’s clubs.

Some of the more successful comedians here include Bernard Manning and Bobb Thompson.

Recent Stand up comedy has legends like, Eddie Griffin who entertained many with his hilarious view of life. Others are like Martin Lawrence who starred in the hit comedy film, Big Momma.

Martin in his role as Big Momma

In recent time, Stand up comedy is a big thing, with stand up comedians like Hannibal Buress being picked to star in major comedy movie roles.(The secret life of P.E.T.S)

Forgotten pandemic

1918, this year marked the end of the first World War, unfortunately, it also marked the beginning of the worst disease to ever plague the world. The Spanish Flu.

The outbreak killed between 50million-100 million people which is about 3%-5% of the world’s population.

It killed more in 25 weeks than AIDS in 25 years and more in a single year than the Bubonic killed in a century.

Soldires from Fort Riley, Kansas ill with the Spanish Flu, at a hospital.

The disease spread when an infected person smeezes or coughs more than a half a million virus particles can be spread to those near by.

The close quarters and massive troop movement of world war 1 hastened the pandemic and probably both increased transmission and augmented mutation.

To maintain peace and reduce panic, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, Britain, France and The USA.

Papers were free to report the epidemic’s effects in neutral Spain, for example, the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII, thus the name Spanish Flu.

Voyage of lost dreams

We have seen the movie, we have cried-well, most of us atleast, but what happend was way more than a Leo de Caprio movie, as dreamy as he may have seemed.

The RMS Titanic was a great ship. Under the command of Edward Smith, the titanic departed from Southampton on April 10,1912.

The Titanic carried some of the wealthiest people in the world as well as hundreds of emigrants from Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, who were off inserach of greener pastures in the USA, if they only knew.

The titanic was the largest man made object on earth at about 269 meters and a fact little known is that it had its own on board news paper- The Atlantic daily bulletin.

Alot of luxuries were on board the great ship and were to be enjoyed by the upper class only. Cigars, beer and bottles of wine. The ship also had on board a swimming pool and dog kennels for the upper class folks’ dogs.

First class passengers were given music  books containing about 352 songs. Musicians on board were required to know them all, in case requests were made.

The musicians played for two hours and five minutes as the ship sank.

The lower class people on board stayed in the lower decks and helped out in the manning of the ship.

Notable personalities aboard this beauty were like; John Jacob Astor IV   who was the richest passenger on board. He was worth 85 million dollars (200 billion shillings) today, he unfortunately went down with the ship.

Another was a successful businessman Benjamin Guggenheim. He and his valet Victor Gigilio, changed into their evening wear while he remarked: “we’re dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen”. They were last spotted on deck chairs, drinking brandy and smoking cigars.

tid bit:

The last remaining survivor of the disaster, Millvina Dean, died on May 31, 2009, aged 97, she was two months old at the time.

At 11.40 pm, Titanic hit a 100ft iceberg which caused the ship’s hull plates to buckle inwards along her starboard side and opened 5 of her 16 water tight compartments to the sea.

At 2:20Am, She broke apart and foundered. More than 1,500 people lost their lives that night.

Although the ship had advanced safety features, it only carried enough lifeboats for slightly more than half of the number on board.

Lifeboat carrying survivors

​Just about 2hours later, The Cunard Liner RMS Carpathia arrived and brought aboard an estimated 705 survivors.The wreak of The Titanic was discovered in 1985. It lies 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, around 12,500 feet below the surface.

Parts collected by deep sea divers are displayed in Museums and Her great memory is kept alive by numerous works like books, folk songs, exhibits, memorials and films.

James Cameron’s Titanic a 1997 film


Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last active pharaoh of Ptolemic Egypt.

Her name was derived from the Greek name ‘Kleopatra’  which means She who comes from glorious father

Cleo was not Egyptian, contrary to popular belief, her family origins are traced to Greece but she was the first member of her family to learn the Egyptian language.

Bust believed to be of Cleo’s

Despite popular belief, she was known more for her intellect than her physical apperance.

She spoke about a dozen languages and was educated in mathematics, philosophy and astronomy.

Cleo was romantically involved with Caeser and bore a child Caesarion. Apart from Caeser, she was involved and married Mark Anthony with whom she bore three children.

Anthony and Cleopatra formed their own drinking society known as the “Inimitable Livers”.

One of Anthony and Cleo’s favourite activities was wandering in the streets of Alexandria in disguise and pranking its citizens.

A 1963 film about Cleo was one of the most expensive movies of all time, played by Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor


Black, Iconic and beautiful are what I would use to describe Orpah’Oprah’ Winfrey.

Born to a single teenage mom, she has come a long way to become the greatest black philanthropist in American history.

Oprah dubbed “Queen of All media”,  is known for her talk show The Oprah Winfery show which is the highest rated television program of its kind in history.

In 2011, she won The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and in 2013, was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Oprah in 2014

Winfery was a victim of sexual abuse and she got pregnant at the tender of 14 but her child died after birth.

She has invested in helping victims of sexual abuse like herself.

After her successful talk show she founded her own production company Harpo. 

Winfery on the first national broadcast of the Oprah Winfery show in 1986.

She owns her own television network Oprah Winfery Network and has built up one of the most successful media empires.

In her younger years, Oprah Winfery was so poor she oftenly wore sack dresses, but she is now known as the richest African American person of the 20th Century and the first black woman to become a multi-millionaire.

We celebrate her!

Nail Job.

Every girl goes crazy over a good nail polish job.

But did you know that nail polish originated in China! These people though. The ingredients they used included; bees wax, egg whites, gelatin and vegetables dyes.

Even French manicure does not originated from France, some make up artist named Jeff Pink came up with it because he needed nail poish to match his actors wardrobe through multiple changes.

In ancient Egypt, nail polish was used to signify class.

lower classes wore nude or light colours.

higher classes wore red.

Mary Cobb opened America’s first Manicure Parlor in Manhattan 1878. While in 1917, Cutex-a brand of nail care products manufactured the first modern nail liquid polish.

One of the first commercial nail salons opened in Paris.

tid bit:

The most expensive polish costs Shs. 2,500,000. Its called Black diamond King and it is made with 267 carats worth of black diamonds.

Even people with not-so-presentable nails can slay nail polish thanks to a dentist in 1978, who accidentally broke his nails at work and made himself another one thus coming up with Acrylic nails.

In 2003, OPI-a company that manufactures nail products- created Pawlish, a line of nail polish for dogs.Pet-i-cures if you may.

In 2012, nail polish sales reached  Shs. 7,680,000,000 with alot of contribution from nail art.

Creativity in Nail polish has been there, is there and will be there as long as we need our nails on fleek.

Creepy…just, creepy.

Okay, so I do not, have not and will never, like dolls, they completely creep me out!

doll made out of bones.

​By the way, did you know dolls have been in existence pretty much forever. Archeological evidence places doll in Ancient Egypt in 2000BC.

Egyptian doll made with materials including real human hair and string beads

​Ofcourse back then, the material used to make dolls were different, people used; bones, wood, wax and clay to make their dolls.

tid bit:

Dolls are believed to have been the oldest play things for children.
Dolls were also used to teach children in schools and also in some rituals, see, creepy.

Over the years the make of dolls has evolved, in the 19 century, dolls were made using porcelain which became the starndard in doll making particularly in France.

In 1940, dolls were made from cheap and easily accecible material, hard plastic.

Today, dolls are made of polyvinyl chloride, sort of makes them look more human; thus proving my creepy point. Dolls like ‘Barbie’ have revolutionized the doll making industry and they are also featured in kid movies.

Barbie doll

You would love to hate them

So.. you love them, I love them and even though you deny it deep inside, you know you do.

Soap Operas, or Telanovelas if you may, we’d love to hate them.

Telanovelas have been in exsistence for a long while now, but before the South Americans got to produce them, soap operas first emerged in the USA.

The first series to be considered a soap opera was Painted Dreams in October 20, 1930, on Chicago Radio Station.

The first nationally broadcast radio soap was Clara Lu and Em which aired on the NBC Blue Network in January 27, 1931.

tid bit:

The “soap” in Soap Operas refers to the soap and detergent commercials originally broadcast during the shows.

The shows were based on romance, secret relationships, extramarital affairs and genuine love.

1979, The year when the first internationally telanovella aired , The Rich Also Cry,(Los ricos tambien lloran).

Between 1957-1958, Mexico produced its first drana serial Senda Prohibida(Forbidden Path).

The most successful telanovella in history was a romantic comedy, Yo soy Betty, la fea…or as we know it, Ugly Betty.

Torture Ages

So, when some of us think of torture…it might be going to work without your coffee fix or walking in stilleto heels around town or even washing the heap of laundry, which might I remind you, you wore. For some people though, torture was well, torturous.

In the mediaval ages, torture devices invented to derive confessions or kill wrong doers, were borderline insane!

Here are a sample few;

Punishing shoes:

These were oftenly in conjuction with the standing pillory( a device that holds your head and wrists in place while you stand), The catch here is you can only stand up on your tip toes for so long, until you have to put your heels on those iron spikes, then bleed out to death.

Heretic Fork:

Both ends of this fork-look-alike thingy were placed under the chin and sternum(the bone at the base of your neck,at the top of your chest) and the victim was accorded just enough space to murmur a confession.

Dunking Stool:

The victim was dipped in a mass of water for as long as the authority sees fit, pulled out and the process repeated.

The Hanging Cage

Victims were tied all around and hung on a post,this was usually done after other torture methods were used, kind of like a finishing touch if you may  and the victim was usually naked. He or she would be left to die from thirst of being feasted on by voltures and insects.

The Cradle:

Now this one..Well, the sharp edge, and the heavy iron ball tied at the victim’s ankles explain it all.